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Physical Edge Academy

Physical Edge wants to provide the best service with outstanding results. Being at the cutting edge of research evidence and clinical practice are two key components required for success.

At Physical Edge, team members continue independent professional development and update a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio. This is a requirement for HCPC registration and permits professional practice in the United Kingdom.

Physical Edge also provides Team members with current research to digest, discuss, and further develop evidence based clinical practice. Along with research Physical Edge likes to work with clinicians from around the world, and contribute to a growing field of knowledge, all of which helps our clients be pain free and live healthier and happier lives.

The Physical Edge Academy is a centre of excellence for learning and a resource for Therapist and Patients to follow what is current in the world of Physical Therapy.

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Management of Tendinopathy in the lower limb with Dr Peter Malliaras, BPhysio (Hons), Phd

Physical Edge attended the Lower Limb Tendinopathy course by Dr Peter Malliaras BPhysio (Hons), Phd. The course discussed the latest concepts surrounding the treatment of these often “Tricky” injuries. The course covered gluteal, hamstring, patella and achilles tendinopathy. To s [...]

February 15th, 2018|Comments Off on Management of Tendinopathy in the lower limb with Dr Peter Malliaras, BPhysio (Hons), Phd


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