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- 6-7 April 2013 -
Physical Edge attends Applied Functional Science course on the Foot and Ankle


Physical Edge attends the Applied Functional Science course on the Foot and Ankle. This is a 2 day course looking at the how the body is influenced by the biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle. The heel contacts the ground first in gait. If there is a fault in joint movements of the foot, there can be consequences in the knee, hip, spine and even shoulder.

The course reinforced the use of functional assessment and movements to improve how the foot moves. There is an emphasis on using the kinetic chain to create exercises, which get an immediate success in changing poor movement patterns.

Physical Edge can see that assessment is no longer done on the Therapists bed. Instead it is performed in standing, sitting or 4 point kneeling positions. The assessment is constantly changing, bespoke, and demonstrates to the client successful movement. The client goes home with 1-3 exercises they can then do themselves, to improve biomechanics, reduce pain and change the way they move in the future.

Physical Edge has embraced this methodology of treatment to get fast Results and Empower the client to treat themselves.