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- 25 April 2015 -
Physical Edges attends Rock Tape course


Physical Edge attends Rock Tape course, to learn the latest research and taping techniques, using this industry leader Kinesiology tape.

The course provided the latest evidence supporting the use of Kinesiology tape. There is moderate evidence Kinesiology tape can reduce pain, when compared to exercise alone and sham tape. Kinesiology tape is an effective adjunct to exercise for the reduction of musculoskeletal pain.

The three strategies, taught on the course, were designed to reduce inflammation, decompress tissue to reduce pain, and assist in increasing flexibility and activating muscle. The power taping techniques followed the Myofascial slings described in Thomas Myers book Anatomy Trains.

Clients will benefit from Rock Taping in the following ways.
1. Pain reduction and swelling control
2. Facilitation of increased mobility
3. Improved muscular activation and joint control

If you would like to try Rock Tape of have questions please call or email us. We look forward to talking to you soon.